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eComHub offers an innovative solution which is tailored to the specific demands of the brand / product owner and retailer. eComHub allows you as the brand owner to take advantage of the Chinese opportunity within 8 weeks. Click below to find out more about our 4 key services.

IT Solution

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eComHub will assist our clients to reach more customers in a shorter period of time through our dedicated IT system that can be integrated into any e-Commerce store.

Marketing Strategies

Reap the benefits of global sales-driven strategies. Our team works with you to create promotions tailored specifically for your brand and the countries you sell to.

Marketplace Integration

The first step is to let your new customers know that they can buy from you. Our integration with comparison shopping engines and third-party marketplaces puts you on the map.

Custom Clearance

eComHub offers paperless pre-advise to help remove issues often associated with customs clearance. This previously lengthy procedure is now simplified so that the customer only needs to upload their ID on to our system which is the sent to customs.

Advanced Tracking

eComHub advanced tracking options ensures that customers can track their shipment during the entire journey even though the goods may be delivered by multiple carriers.