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eComHub offers an innovative solution which is tailored to the specific demands of the brand / product owner and retailer. eComHub will allow you as the brand / product owner to take advantage of the Chinese opportunity within 8 weeks. Click below to find out more about our 4 key services.


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eComHub manages everything you need to distribute your products to your Chinese customers. We deal professionally with all aspects including customs clearance, duty payment, product classification, screening, freight, parcel fulfilment and returns. We also offer you the possibility to track your shipments using online tracking from the moment the shipment leaves our warehouse until your client receives his order.

Carrier Management

eComHub offers solutions customised to the needs of your business. Some companies require overnight deliveries, others are willing to wait if it allows them to save money. Thanks to our global network of carriers, eComHub is able to offer you reliable, fast and inexpensive shipping for your products.

Duties & Taxes

eComHub presents you with all of your transactions costs, without any surprises, in the selected currency of your choice e.g. RMB, GBP, USD, EURO. You will receive a detailed account of duties, taxes and delivery charges. We are able to adjust billings and payments according to your personal choices, and those of your customers (e.g. DDU option to allow customers to defer taxes and duties until the arrival of their packages).

Customs Compliance

The rules are different in China. We can handle all the necessary documentation required for shipping your products. This gives you the assurance that your goods will arrive as planned in China on time, and clear the various customs barriers and controls without any problem.

Product Restrictions

To prevent any costly mistakes, we ensure that you can safely send your products to China. We can provide you with the different licences and official documents so your shipments are not delayed during transit to your client.